Administrative Divisions Of Siam Thai

This article will mainly focus on the administrative divisions of Siam Thai. The land of Thailand is mainly classified into 75 provinces which are basically congregated into five groups of provinces by location. There are also two special governed districts; the capital Bangkok and Pattaya, of which Bangkok is at provincial level and thus often counted as a 76th province. Each province is categorized into districts and the districts are further sub-categorized into sub-districts (tambons). Get more information on administrative divisions of Thailand.

There are 877 districts in Thailand; in Bangkok the districts are known as Khet ad their sub-categories Kwaeng are almost equal to the tambon in other provinces. Certain parts of provinces bordering Bangkok are also denoted to as Greater Bangkok which includes certain provinces like Nonthaburi, Pathun Thani, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Pathom and Samut Sakhon.is the same as that of the province. The tambon as we have mentioned above are also further sub-categorized into muban.

Moving further with the Siam Thai administrative divisions, we found out that apart from the subdivisions there are also cities and towns, which take over some of the responsibilities of the districts as well as communes on the area covered by the municipality. These all have an elected board and an elected mayor. There are mainly three levels of municipalities which includes thesaban nakhon, thesaban mueang and thesaban tambon. In addition to the population numbers the municipalities require having sufficient tax revenues for the administration to be able to execute the offices of administrations.

The towns and cities are further sub-categorized into chumchon which are almost similar to muban of rural areas. Some towns have the word Nakhon in their name. However, the city Pattaya is a metropolitan municipality; it is a specially administrated area. Also the metropolitan city of Bangkok (officially called the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) is metropolitan municipality.For areas which does not reach the mandatory conditions there exists another lower level of local administration named Subdistrict administrative organization. These usually cover a complete subdistrict but may also cover more than one subdistrict or share a subdistrict with a municipality. This briefly gives you the details of administrative divisions of Siam Thai.


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