Science And Technology In Siam Thai

Thailand, which was formally known as Siam Thai, is located in the Southeast Asia. A blend of urbanization and natural beauty the country does not lack behind in science and technology also. In this article we will briefly shares information regarding science and technology in Siam Thai. The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) is an agency of the government of Thailand which supports research in science and technology and their application in the Thai economy.

The agency for instance shows the commitment of the government to apply scientific as well as technological capabilities for promoting and sustaining the nation’s economic, social development, also growth via the promotion of linkage & collaboration of the public as well as private sectors. Since its inception, the agency has worked as active organization with various programs that mainly deal or centered on cutting-edge S&T research, design, development as well as engineering. Read on to know more about the science and technology in Thailand. Read on to know more about the science and technology in Thailand.

Continuing with the information on technology and science in Siam Thai, the agency i.e. NSTDA provides a full potential and opportunity for cooperative challenges as well as investment. Through such a confluence, the agency brings a layered, multi-faceted access to the scholarly as well as most practical description of scientific & technological discoveries. It also brought advancement for serving national needs and maintains a constant linkage with the international community. This shows the development of science and technology in Siam Thai.

Considering Siam Thai science and technology at present state, we can say that it has far more developed than earlier times. "L'Oreal was founded by a chemist, and more than half of 3,000 researchers today are women. However, ‘microarray technology’ is still considered new to Thailand. Therefore, it needs to be considered and needs to promote the awareness to the importance and benefits that Microarray technology brings to the local research community. This will in turn help to increase the number of researchers in this field. This precisely reveals the improving nature of science and technology in Siam Thai and moving towards the further development.


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