Communications In Siam Thai

Communications in Siam Thai is done via telephone, radio, television and satellites. We can say that these are the primarily means of communications in Thailand. The country has about 7,024,000 base telephones, and about 51,377,000 numbers for GSM/3G. Thailand has AM 238stations and FM 351 stations for radio. Talking about television, it has six stations with 111 networks and is about 15,190,000 cable subscribers. The country has four satellites. Let’s know in details about these means of communications in Thailand in the following article.

As far as telecommunications in Siam Thai is concerned, it’s mainly based on the extensive network of telephone lines that covers the country. In the metropolitan areas of Bangkok, the TOT Public Company Limited and True Corporation operate the major telephone networks in these areas. However, the telephone networks in other provinces are operated by TOT Public Company Limited and TT&T Public Company Limited. This is how communications in Siam Thai takes place. Moreover, the Prime Minister of the country has plans to merge TOT and CAT Telecom for operating a ‘Telecom Pool’. This will make Siam Thai Communications process very easy.

Communications system in Siam Thai has progressed and became easy with the development of mobile cellular telephone. In the last few years, mobile cellular telephone ownership has increased in much faster rate in comparison to landline ownership. This was relatively impelled by the mobile cellular communications price wars in 2004-2005; it results in prices down to as low as 0.25 Baht/minute. There are roughly five times as many mobile cellular telephones in comparison to landlines in use. According to the present data, slightly over half of the Thai population owns a mobile cellular telephone, with more numbers designated than number of population.

Thailand also has different newspapers with Thai Rath being the most well known. Among the several newspapers in mass circulations three of them are in English. In other words print media is one way of communicating in Thailand. However, printed media in Thailand is subject to much less government control in contrast to the television where all free-to-air channels except one are government owned and run. Other means of communications in Siam Thai also include internet and people find it the easiest way to communicate in Thailand. Besides this, there are five submarine cables used for communications landing in Thailand. Thailand has cable landing points in Satun, Petchaburi and Chonburi.


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