Demographics Of Siam Thai

This article will give detailed information on demographics of Siam Thai, featuring the population of Thailand which may include the population density, ethnicity, education level, health, economic status, religious affiliations and several other aspects of the population. The population of Thailand is relatively homogenous; the population is approximately three million people. Majority of the people i.e. 80 % are Thai, 10% Chinese, 3% Malay and the rest are minorities from Mons, Khmers & hill tribes. More than 85% of the people speak Tai language and share a common culture.

As mentioned earlier, almost 10% population of Thailand are of Chinese, yet the Sino-Thai community is best integrated in Southeast Asia. Another considerable minority group may also include Malay and Yawi-speaking Muslims of the south. Others groups such as Khmer; the Mon are considerably assimilated with the Thai and the Vietnamese. Apart from this, there are also smaller hill tribes such as Hmong and Mien as well as Karen. This simply shows the brief demographics of Thailand. Besides, the country is also home to a substantial number of registered foreigners from Asia, Europe and North America. There are also a number of illegal immigrants in Thailand.

Having a keen look at the Siam Thai demography, we can say that there has also been increased in the number of migrants from Burma, Laos, and Cambodia as well as nations such as Nepal, India. The increasing awareness of the minorities is steadily changing attitudes in the land of Thailand where non-nationals, are barred from several privileges such as healthcare, ownership of property, or schooling in their own language. However, according to the demographics of Siam Thai, the population is mostly rural, that concentrates on the rice growing areas of the central, northeastern as well as northern areas of the country. Thailand’s urban population is around 31.1% of the total population and Thailand continues to industrialize principally in Bangkok areas.

The government of Thailand also sponsored family planning programs and this helps to reduce the population growth. Moreover, life expectancy has also increases which reflect the country’s efforts in executing or implementing public health policies. The government mandated 12 years of free education and education accounts for 19% of total government expenditures. Buddhism is the official religion of Thailand and is officially the religion of about 97% of its people. However, the true figure lies closer to 85%, Muslims are some 10% and 5% other religions including Christianity, Hinduism, especially among immigrants. This completely features the demographics of Siam Thai.


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