Law In Siam Thai

The land of Thailand is considered as ‘Southeast Asian Paradise’. Thailand was once known as Siam Thai, and here we will let you know about law in Siam Thai. Talking about the Thai police, the Royal Thai police are the national police of Thailand. Let’s us briefly know and discuss about the Thailand police administration and how the law in Siam Thai actually works in the given article.

The Siam Thai police are sub-categorized into different regions and services, each enjoying their own powers. The headquarters of Royal Thai police is located in Bangkok. The Border Patrol Police Division comprises of 40,000 paramilitary forces. It is categorized into several divisions – BPP General Staff Division, BPP Tactical Training Division, BPP Support Division, BPP Nawut Sondetya Hospital, BPP Village Scout Center, BPP Counter- Insurgency Training Center and BPP districts 1 through 4. However, the Police Aerial Reinforcement Unit (PARU) is sub divided into – Airborne Training, Naresuan 261 Counter-Terrorism Unit and Sea Air Rescue Unit. Get to know more about the law enforcement in Thailand.

The Central Investigation Bureau of Thailand – helps or supports provincial & metropolitan components to preclude and check criminal activity as well as minimizes the threats to national security. It is further sub-divided into – Crime Suppression Division, Forestry Police Division, highway Police Division, Marine Police Division, Railroad Police Division, Special Branch Division, Licenses Division, Criminal Records Office and Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory. The Crime Suppression Division is responsible for investigating and enforcing Thai criminal laws. It also has an Emergency Unit that helps in suppressing riots and public disorders in Thailand. This is how the law in Siam Thai is maintained.

Thailand also has Office of Immigration Bureau, Narcotics Suppression Bureau, Office of Logistics, Office of Royal Court security Police and also Provincial Police Division which is categorized into nine different regions that covers 75 provinces of Thailand excluding metropolitan Bangkok and the border areas. The regions include Ayuthaya, Chonburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Phitsanulok, Surat Thani, Songkhla, Chaiya Training and special operations units. The 191 Special Branch police have Arintharat 26 Special Operations Unit. The tourist police of Thailand are mainly responsible for writing out reports for insurance companies for victims of theft. In more serious cases, they will translate reports to be passed on the normal police in Bangkok.


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