Political Scenario In Siam Thai

When we consider the political scenario in Siam Thai, the People’s Power Party which was led by Samak Sundaravej formed a government with five ruling smaller parties. But this government did not run long as protesters blockaded government buildings and airports, in September 2008. Samak was also found guilty of conflict of interest by the Constitutional Court of Thailand and thus, ended his term in office. He was replaced by PPP member Somchai Wongsawat. Read on to know more about Siam Thai political scenario and crisis.

Though Samak was replaced by Somchai Wongsawat, but he could not gain access to his offices as the office were occupied by People’s Alliance for Democracy. However, in December 2, 2008 the political scenario in Thailand was highly controversial since the Peoples Power Party was found guilty of electoral fraud. And this led to the dissolution of the party according to the law. It was later declared in media reports that one member of the judiciary had a telephone conversation with officials working for the Office of the Privy Council and one other.

It has been said that the phone call was taped and then circulated on the Internet. In thst phone call, the callers have discus about finding way to make sure the ruling Peoples Power Party would be dissipated. Considering about this political scene in Siam Thai, accusations of judicial interference were leveled in the media but the recorded call was dismissed as a hoax. However, in June 2010, supporters of the dissipated PPP were charged with tapping a judge's phone. Later on Armed Forces joined the opposition and the Democratic Party was able to form a government. Abhisit Vejjajiva, who is the leader of Democratic Party, was appointed as the 27th prime minister with new cabinet on December 17 2008.

Talking about the recent political scenario in Siam Thai, the violent protests by the Red shirt opposition movement in April 2010 have resulted in 87 deaths and 1,378 injured. When the army attempted to dissipate the protesters on April 10, 2010, the army was met with automatic gunfire, grenades, and fire bombs from the "red guard", a paramilitary group associated with the "red shirt" protesters. This resulted in the army returning fire with rubber bullets and some live ammunition. During the time of the "red shirt" protests against the government, there have been numerous grenade and bomb attacks against government offices and the homes of government officials. Grenades were fired at protesters that were protesting against the “red shirts” and for the government by unknown gunmen killing one pro-government protester.


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