Introduction To Siam Thai

Thailand which is also known as Siam Thai is an independent that lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. Here in this are article we will share a brief introduction to Siam Thai. This country is the 51st largest country of the world in terms of total area. About Siam Thai population, this country is also one of the most populous countries with approximately sixty three million people. Majority of the people i.e. 80 % are Thai, 10% Chinese, 3% Malay and the rest are minorities from Mons, Khmers & hill tribes. More than 94% of populations are Buddhist.

Some of the countries like India, China and many other western countries are considerably influenced by the culture and traditions of Siam Thai. The Bangkok city, which is capital of Thailand, is the major center for commercial, industrial as well as political and cultural activities. The introduction to Thailand also reveals that the country is also one of the major tourist’s destinations of the world. You can visit many places, enjoy weather, climate, and beaches as well as Thai food. The people are also well known for their hospitality and friendliness.

Majority of the citizens of Siam Thai are ethic Thai and more than seven million people of the total population reside in the city of Bangkok. The city of Bangkok offers pleasure, ease and a shopping experience par excellence. A blend of urbanization and natural beauty, Thailand has everything to offer for today’s discerning traveler. Continuing with the Siam Thai introduction, the land attracts many tourists from all over the world. For tourists the country offers four hundred glittering Buddhist temples of great beauty and charm.

Going further with the introduction to Siam Thai, the country is one among the most powerful Buddhist countries of the world. Besides this, Thailand is also the only country in Southeast Asia which has never been colonized. Senior monks are highly respected in Thailand. Therefore, in towns and villages, the temple is the spirit of social and religious life. One of the most well known aspects of Buddhism is Meditation which is practiced regularly by many Thai as a means of promoting inner peace and happiness.


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