Sports Of Siam Thai

There are different forms of sports of Siam Thai. In this article we will brief you about the popular sports of Thailand, enjoyed both by the natives and the tourists.

Muay Thai which is commonly called as Thai Boxing is one of the well known sports of Siam Thai. It is also the national sport of Thailand. This sport is basically a form of hard martial art. This form is widely practiced in different parts of the world including Thailand as well as Southeast Asian countries. The art is almost similar to others in Southeast Asia such as Pradal Serey in Cambodia, Lethwei in Burma, Tomoi in Malaysia, and Muay Lao in Laos. Muay Thai has a long history in Thailand and is the country's national sport. Traditional Muay Thai practiced today varies significantly from the ancient art Muay Boran and uses kicks, punches and knee and elbow strikes in a ring with gloves similar to those used in Western boxing.

One of the native sports of Thailand include the sport of Sepak Takraw. In this sport the player has to hit the ball by using their feet, knees, chest and head. This is one sport which appears in voley ball style, the sport is also popular in other Southeast Asian countries. One of the other popular sports of Siam Thai also includes the sport of Rugby. The Thailand National Rugby Union team ranked 61st in the world. Thailand is the first country to host an international 80 kg welterweight rugby tournament in the year 2005. The other popular Siam Thai Sports also include Golf.

Thailand is usually referred to as the Golf capital of Asia since the country is a popular destination for the game of golf. Thailand attracts a great number of golfers from countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa and Western countries; they usually come to this country every year to play golf. The popularity of the golf is increasing in middle class people and expat. There are more than two hundred world-class golf courses; even some of them are also selected for hosting PGA and LPGA tournaments, including Amata Spring Country Club, Alpine Golf and Sports Club, Thai Country Club and Black Mountain Golf Club. This completely shows the emerging popularity of golf sports in Thailand. Other sports of Siam Thai which are slowly growing may include the sports of Weightlifting and Taekwondo. Football is one of the popular sports of Siam Thai.

One multi-purpose stadium in Thailand includes Thammasat Stadium. At present, the stadium is generally used for football matches. The stadium holds 25,000. It is located in Thammasat University's Rangsit campus. Thammasat was going to be used for PEA FC's match against Singapore Armed Forces FC in an Asian Champions League qualifier in February 2009 but the pitch was deemed unplayable and the match was switched to the Rajamangala. Rajamangala National Stadium is the biggest sporting arena in Thailand.


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